Our Process

RCC manufactures all our brass cartridges on CNC lathes and mills out of our C272 solid bar stock. Our reloading brass cartridges are manufactured to SAAMI, CIP, or customer specifications. We have a large library of vintage drawing for customers seeking pre-SAAMI or CIP cartridges.

Once an order is placed it is processed and goes into our production queue. Our CAD/CAM engineer will review the order and email a copy of the cartridge drawing for conformation. We ask our customers to review the drawing and submit any minor changes to the drawing. Once the information is confirmed the order will then go to our production floor for manufacturing.

We Custom Fit brass to the chamber of your firearm. Our custom fit program will give you the headspace and chamber dimensions best suited for your firearm. Customers can send us fire formed brass, a chamber cast, or the firearm for the custom cartridge.

We do Custom Headstamps too. We use our CNC mills to engrave headstamps. We are able to do text and some graphics too.

We do Wildcats too. Send us a reamer drawing, or a dimensioned drawing and we will manufacture your wildcat cartridge. There is a one time set-up fee for all wildcats and a 100 piece minimum order.

Custom Cartridge Order Form