Our Brass

While the draw process is capable of mass production, it is not able to easily produce consistent case head hardness, case weight, case volume, and case concentricity. At RCC Brass® we have taken those variables out of the manufacturing process as we have our C272 cartridge brass hammer-forged into a tight molecular grain structure with high tensile strength, high yield strength, and 15% malleability. We machine all our cases on CNC lathes and mills and our case weight, case volume, and our case concentricity are the best available in the industry. We do not anneal the case head as it is hammer forged to a high tensile strength which gives us the same hardness for each case. Since we use CNC equipment to manufacture our, case weight is nearly identical, the case volume is too, and our case concentricity is held to a 0.001”.

Since we are not held back by the limitations of a draw system, we are able to use higher strength alloys to manufacture cartridges. Our new C272 brass alloy has a much higher tensile strength, a much higher yield strength, and a tighter molecular grain structure than C260 brass, without losing the needed malleability. Test results have been positive as we’ve had reports of increased in velocity and energy and lower shot deviations versus C260 drawn brass. But the test is what you can do with RCC Brass® reloading brass products.

All our brass meets SAAMI and CIP pressure standards