.37 Caliber

Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Roberson Cartridge Company specializes in low volume runs of antique, obsolete, precision, and prototype brass cartridges for firearms. Our proprietary innovative technology and patent pending designs have propelled us to become the world leader for precision and prototype cartridges. We are expanding our operations and are seeking qualified applicants to join our team.

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

INTRODUCING 007 THE NEW 375 CALIBER/2.007″ CARTRIDGE BASED ON 50BMG 375 – 50 cal wildcat 007 DETAILS

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Designed by Pro Martusheff in 2018 the .400 Warlord is a very impressive wildcat design. Pete Contacos, of Kerrville TX., has been doing load development with some impressive statistics. John Pierce, of Pierce Engineering, did a wonderful job of rechambering his barreled action to the .400 Warlord and RCC Brass made the cartridges. Pete is loading them with Badlands Precisions 450 grain bullets. This combination allowed Pete to attain velocities of 3,156 fps and a 5 shot SD of 5.6