9mm Mauser

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

The 9mm Mauser was first introduced in 1908 as an improvement over the 9x19mm Luger. Several companies attempted to improve on the success of the 9x19mm Luger by increasing case volume to allow for larger powder loads. The 9mm Mauser (1908), the 9mm Largo (1910), the 9mm Steyr (1912) and the 9mm Winchester Magnum (1988) have not been able to replace the 9x19mm Luger. Both the Largo and Steyr offered marginal improvement of the Luger, while the Mauser and Winchester offered a substantial improvement. But, the German army had adapted the Luger 1908 and the Mauser was not able to over come the Luger. Mauser did sell into South & Central America, Africa and Asia with little success. The caliber was obsolete by the mind 1920’s. It was revived in the mid 1930’s as a submachine gun caliber but had little success there too.

The 9mm Mauser is capable of propelling a .355 dia., 128 grain bullet at 1.360 fps with 534 ft.-lbs. of energy. Mauser’s manufacture the C96 pistol in this caliber. We have searched and have not been able to find any other manufacture that made this caliber.

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