8x52Rmm Siamese Type 66

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

8x52Rmm Siamese Type 66

In 1923 King Rama V of Siam (now Thailand) sought new weapons to upgrade his military to ensure his kingdoms independence. The 8x52Rmm Type 66 replaced the 8x50Rmm Type 45 that was brought into service in 1902. The Siam military wanted to utilize the spitzer bullet introduced by the French in 1898 for its better performance.

They Type 66 was manufactured in Japan by the Koishikawa arsenal and shipment was delayed until 1928-29 due to the Kanto earthquake of 1923. While similar to the Type 38 Japanese rifle, there are a few interchangeable parts.

Capable of propelling a .323” dia. 181 grain bullet at 2,200 fps with 1,946 ft.-lbs. of energy, the Type was in service with the Thai military until the 1960’s.

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