8x50Rmm Siamese Type 45

Sunday, December 1st, 2019

8x50Rmm Siamese Type 45

In the early 1900’s the Siamese military was seeking to update their service rifles. They evaluated many different rifle designs and cartridges and were impressed design of the Mauser Geweher 98 rifle and the performance of the 8x50Rmm Austrian Mannlicher cartridge. While the Type 45 cartridge has similar dimensions to the Mannlicher the ammunition is not interchangeable. Type 45 is the ammunition used in the Type 46 rifle manufactured by Koishikawa arsenal in Japan.

The Type 46 rifle was under development at the same time the Japanese Type 35 rifle was being developed. The Type 46 used the Geweher 98 bolt with the cock open action and added a sliding dust cover and long wrist tangs of the Japanese Type 35. Some of the Type 46 rifles have a split buttstock, which was common on Arisaka rifles. The confusion between the names of the cartridge and the rifle are the calendars they were using at the time.

While the 8x50Rmm Austrian Mannlicher is capable of propelling a .323” dia. 244 grain bullet at 2,030 fps with 2,240 ft.-lbs. of energy, the dimensional changes to the 8x50Rmm Siamese Type 45 weren’t quite as prolific. The Type 45 cartridge is capable of propelling a .323” dia. 239 grain ball bullet at 1,840 fps. with 1,797 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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