7x75Rmm E.A. Vom Hofe

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

7x75Rmm E.A. Vom Hofe

Ernest August vom Hofe became well known in the 1930’s for his rifle and cartridge designs. He worked as an assistant for Herman Gerlich in the 1920’s and with Wilhelm Brenneke in Leipzig. This is were he began his cartridge development.

Vom Hofe believed in very high muzzle velocity would result in superior terminal ballistics. Muzzle velocity was achieved by heavy propellant charges in long slender cases. He didn’t use belted cases or acute shoulders, but his cartridges have long shoulders at shallow angles. The 7x75Rmm E.A. Vom Hofe is capable of propelling a .284” dia. 170 grain bullet at 3,300 fps, with 4,056 ft.-lbs. of energy

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