7.63mm Mannlicher

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

7.63mm Mannlicher

Introduced in 1901 the 7.63mm Mannlicher was designed to work in the Mannlicher M1901 self-loading semi-automatic pistol. The M1901 is a simple blow back semi-automatic pistol design that is technically a hesitation lock because of the delaying cam that slows down the opening of the breech. It is fed with an 8 round stripper clip into the magazine and is designed so sturdy that the arm is considered more than ample for the cartridge design.

According to a patent filed in 1898 the original M1901 was originally designed with an 8mm cartridge. However, when released in 1901 it was chambered in the 7.63mm Mannlicher. In Germany the 7.63mm Mannlicher was know as the 7.65mm and the U.S. designation was the 7.65x21mm. The 7.63mm is powerful enough to be used in a blow back design semi-automatic design and is capable of propelling a .308” dia. 85 grain bullet at 1,025 fps with 201 ft.-lbs. of energy.

There were approximately 4,000 M1901 variants made between 1901 – 1903 and ammunition was manufactured until the beginning of WW II. In the 1930s the French Army began development of a new service pistol and cartridge. In 1935 the new SACM M1935A pistol chambered in the new 7.65mm French Long went into service and was nearly identical to the 7.63mm Mannlicher and the .30 Pedersen.

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