.600 Nitro Express

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

.600 Nitro Express

About 1900 W.J. Jeffery & Company introduced the .600 Nitro Express large bore caliber for hunting dangerous game at close range. They manufactured approximately 70 rifles in this caliber with  double barreled hammer break-open, single barreled break-open, falling block and double barreled break-open actions without ejectors. While other companies have manufacture the .600 Nitro Express, it is not know how many have been made.

It was the most powerful, commercially available, hunting rifle cartridge in the world until the introduction of the .700 Nitro Express. It is a heavy rifle and difficult to carry all day and use effectively against dangerous game, it is common for a gun bearer to carry this rifle.

It saw action in WWI in the sniping engagements between the British and the Germans. The .303 British was not able to penetrate the steel plates used by the Germans. To counter this the British War Office obtain 62 large bore rifles, including the .600 Nitro. It was fired from either a standing or kneeling position as the first man to fire it from a prone position broke his collar bone. Being able to propel a .602” dia. 900 grain bullet at 2,050 fps with 8,400 ft.-lbs. of energy, the .600 Nitro Express would penetrate the German steel plates like butter.

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