6.5x53Rmm Dutch Mannlicher

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

6.5x53Rmm Dutch Mannlicher

The Geweer M95, most commonly known as the 6.5x53Rmm Dutch Mannlicher, was adapted by the armed forces of the Netherlands in 1895. The initial production for the Dutch was done by Steyr and then moved to Hemburg Zaandam in the Netherlands. A total production of approximately 470,000 rifles were manufactured.

Both the Dutch and Romanian Mannlicher’s fire the same rimmed cartridges and are commonly referred to as either “Romanian” or “Dutch”. The Dutch M95 uses the en-bloc clip, which is similar to the M1 Garand magazine, for loading. The bolt has to be fully retracted to the rear to use the clips for fast loading.

The M95 was in service with the Netherlands, Nazi Germany, The Empire of Japan and Indonesia. It saw action in the Ache War, the Dutch intervention of Bali, World War I, World War II and the Indonesian National Revolution. It is capable of propelling a .264” dia. 156 grain bullet at 2,220 fps. with 1,706 ft.-lbs. of energy at the muzzle.

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