.577 T-Rex

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

.577 Tyrannosaur

A-Square developed the .577 Tyrannosaur or .577 T-Rex in 1993 for the use in dangerous game hunts. Professional guides in Zimbabwe and other countries quickly adopted this cartridge do to it’s “stopping” power and ability to take down dangerous game when charging.

The .577 T-Rex production model is base on the Hannibal rifle and it weighs in at 13.6 pounds. It is capable of propelling a .585 in. dia. 750 gr bullet at 2,366 fps with 9,327 ft.-lbs. of energy. There are many load variables that will offer different velocities and energy. At the above velocity, it is said to have similar recoil to a .416 Rigby and a .460 Weatherby.

Roberson Cartridge Company is a custom manufacture of Vintage, Obsolete, Hard to Find and Wildcat calibers.

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