5.6x61mm Vom Hofe SE

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

5.6x61mm Vom Hofe SE

The 5.6x61mm Vom Hofe Super Express was released in 1937 by Ernest August Vom Hofe. It derived from the 6.5x55mm Swedish and uses a .228 diameter bullet like the .22 Savage Hi-Power. Ernest August vom Hofe became well known in the 1930’s for his rifle and cartridge designs. He worked as an assistant for Herman Gerlich in the 1920’s and with Wilhelm Brenneke in Leipzig. This is where he began his cartridge development.

 The 5.6x61mm is capable of propelling a .228” dia., 77 grain bullet at 3,710 fps with 2,351 ft.-lbs. of energy. The last know ammunition manufactured was in 2007 by Walter Gehmann in Germany.

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