.475 Bishop

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

.475 Bishop

The .475 Bishop was designed and developed in 2018 and released at the 2019 Shot Show. This new wildcat was designed by Merrisa Bishop of Bishop Ammunition & Firearms and is available in both an AR10 and bolt action platform. The AR10 rifle is the AR475GAR and the bolt action is the 475 Safari.  The loading for the .475 Bishop provides performance of 2100 fps to 2500 fps on a .475 dia. copper hollow point bullet weighing 390 grains.  The cartridge uses a standard .308 bolt face, and the base of the cartridge is almost 6/10ths of an inch in diameter.  The overall length is 2.85″.  

The AR475GAR semiautomatic rifle uses a 7 round steel magazine.  The 475 Safari Bolt Action uses a AICS magazine holding 8 rounds.  The bolt action rifle uses the new trigger from Elftman and is adjustable from 2 ounces to 6 pounds.  Both rifles use a 24″ stainless steel barrel and include the muzzle brake.  The AR475GAR uses the Elf Match adjustable trigger and a adjustable gas block.  The only option on the AR475GAR is color and cerakoting is included in the price.  Both rifles include a locking tactical case and a die set along with reloading data.  Individual reloading components are available through our company or RCC Brass and Cutting Edge Bullets.

This 100% female veteran owned company has hit the target for a large caliber platform that has an effective range of over 600 yards, the bullet actually goes subsonic at 700 yards.

Her ambition to design the undesignable exceeded her expectations. The .475 Bishop is a hard hitter as it is capable of propelling a .475 in. dia. 390 gr. Bullet at 2,500 fps with 5,216 ft.-lbs. of energy. For more information about this new caliber visit their website at http://www.bishopammunition.com/ or call them on (916) 727-9967

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