.44 Henry Flat Rimfire

Monday, June 8th, 2020

.44 Henry Flat Rimfire

The .44 Henry was one of the first self-contained metallic cartridges chambered in the Henry lever action rifle in 1860. It saw service in the Civil War and became the predecessor of a long line of Winchester lever action rifles. It has a 15 shot magazine and was a favorite for settlers moving west. It is “The rifle you load on Sunday and shoot all week”. The cartridge’s 200 grain bullet has a flat nose giving it a poor ballistic coefficient making long range shots difficult

The .44 rimfire ballistics are good for hunting small and medium game at close ranges and for personal defense. Of all the .44 rimfire cartridges the .44 Henry Flat successfully made the transition from black powder to smokeless powder. It is capable of propelling a 200 gain bullet at 1,125 fps with 568 ft.-lbs. of energy. RCC offset the through hole to the side of the case for rimfire rifles. The primer pocket is designed to use a CCI .22 caliber blank as the ignition source. The cartridge must be indexed to align with the firing pin.

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