12.7x44Rmm Rimfire

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

12.7x44R Rimfire

The 12.7x42Rmm Rimfire cartridge was jointly developed by the Swedish and Norwegian militaries. It was adapted in 1867 and used in the M1867 Remington rolling block rifles. A large number of older muzzle loading and breech loading rifles were converted to rolling block rifles for this caliber.

In 1871 it was lengthened to 44mm and the 12.7x44Rmm was adapted by the Norwegian military. The cartridge was interchangeable to the converted rifles and either version could be fired from the same weapon.

The bore diameter of the Swedish rifle is 4.1 Swedish decimal lines, and it was also known as the 4 Linjers. The Norwegian decimal line is 3.88 and both used a copper case. The Swedish projectile is 0.479” in diameter and shaped like a Minie ball. It weighs 370 grains and can propel a bullet at 1,266 fps with 1,788 ft.-lbs. of energy. The Norwegian projectile is 0.497” in diameter and the bullet weighs 352 grains.

RCC offset the through hole to the side of the case for rimfire rifles. The primer pocket is designed to use a CCI .22 caliber blank as the ignition source. The cartridge must be indexed to align with the firing pin.

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