.416/50 BMG

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

.416-50 BMG

During WW I the Germans developed the 13mm TUF cartridge as an anti-tank and anti-aircraft round. The US Army was so impressed with its performance they commissioned John Browning, in 1918, to develop a new heavy machine gun cartridge. In 1923 he delivered the .50 Browning Machine Gun to the army and the rest is history.

In 2007 Chris Barrett introduced the .416 Barrett using the .50 BMG as the parent cartridge. The .50 BMG case is shortened and necked down to accept a .416” dia. bullet. Very few wildcatters do this as the oversized presses and dies are expensive.

We have just developed a wildcat round for a customer using a full length sized .50 BMG with the neck turned down to .416 and it’s named the .416/50 BMG. The case length is 3.9098”, same as the .50 BMG”, whereas the .416 Barrett’s case length is 3.273” which gives the .416-50 BMG an additional length of 0.6359”.

We don’t have any ballistic information cartridge for this caliber yet, but we will share that with you when we get that data back from our customer.

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