.41 Action Express

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

.41 Action Express

Introduced in 1986 by Evan Whildin the .41 Action Express was designed to improve the ballistics of a larger diameter bullet while using 9mm Luger caliber guns without having to completely redesign the frame and slide. Whildin accomplished this by grafting a 9mm Luger rim and extraction groove onto a larger diameter (.434”) case giving the cartridge a rebated rim. While the new case was longer than the 9mm Luger, the loaded length remains the same by using a blunt nosed bullet.

The .41 AE’s accomplished 21% more muzzle energy than a 9mm Luger and is capable of propelling a 200 grain .411” dia. bullet at 1,000 fps with 448 ft.-lbs. of energy. The modest success of the .41 AE was cut short with the introduction of the 9mm Luger +P ammunition that offered the same muzzle energy.

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