.401 Herters PowerMag

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Introduced in 1961 the .401 Herters PowerMag was the creation of George Herter. George had the foresight to see the growing interest in a single action revolver chambered in modern large bore magnums. Seeing a need for a more powerful cartridge than the successful .357 magnum but with less recoil that the powerful .44 magnum, George developed his .401 PowerMag. He contracted with Sauer & Sohn of Germany to manufacture a copy of the Colt single action revolver chambered in his cartridge. The PowerMag revolver was well made and exhibited the excellent workmanship of Sauer & Sohn. The PowerMag soon developed a strong following, which got the attention of Remington. In 1964 Remington introduced the .41 Remington Magnum with similar proportions and ballistics.

Herter’s of Waseca, Minnesota was an outdoor goods store started by George’s father. George took over the store in 1937 and the store grew through its mail order business. One of their specialties were firearms and ammunition. Although George had a thriving mail order business, gun writers ignored the .401 PowerMag, Remington cut into his business with their .41 Remington Magnum, then the Gun Control Act of 1968 eventually sealed the fate of the .401 PowerMag. The .41 Magnum cannot be used in the .401 PowerMag revolvers.

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