.400 Warlord Update

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

Pro Martusheff announced his .400 Warlord reamers are now available at PT&G. To learn more about the ballistics developed by Pete Contacos click on his facebook page PGS Precision

Designed by Pro Martusheff in 2018 the .400 Warlord is a very impressive wildcat design. Pete Contacos, of Kerrville TX., has been doing load development with some impressive statistics. John Pierce, of Pierce Engineering, did a wonderful job of rechambering his barreled action to the .400 Warlord and RCC Brass made the cartridges. Pete is loading them with Badlands Precisions 450 grain bullets. This combination allowed Pete to attain velocities of 3,156 fps and a 5 shot SD of 5.6

While these are impressive numbers there was still room for improvement and we went to work applying our new patent pending ATB® combustion chamber to the 400 Warlord. We discussed these changes with Pete, and he agreed to test our patent pending internal combustion chamber design in both our C260 and C272 brass alloys. We were curious to see how the ATB® combustion chamber would perform in both alloys and there were some impressive results.

Pete first tested our C260 alloy with the ATB® combustion chamber with good results. He was able to attain 3,166 fps of velocity shooting 450 grain Badland Precision bullets. Ater each shot he resized and trimmed the cartridge and after 5 firing he began to experience a sticky bolt and had to bump the cartridges out with a push rod. He did not anneal after each shot.

Then he tested our new C272 alloy with the ATB® combustion chamber and he experienced better test results than before. His velocity increased from 3,156 fps to 3,208 fps, and increase of 52 fps, with an SD of 0. Testing continued and on the 8th firing his velocities were 3,212, 3,196, and 3,206 fps with an average of 3,206 fps with an SD of 5.6

He continued his testing and during the first 10 firings he only resized the brass and trimmed less than 0.001” once, with no annealing. He fired the brass an additional 7 times (17 total) achieving the same results. He did resize after every shot and has not experienced a sticky bolt and said “This is the best brass I’ve ever shot. Most big rifle caliber brass isn’t able to perform at this level and RCC has set a new performance standard in industry”.           

Pro Martusheff has made his design available to the public and the reamer is only available through JGS Precision.

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