.40 Newton

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Charles Newton was a firearms enthusiast that was a pioneer in the development of high velocity cartridges. His noted accomplishments lead to the creation of the .22 Savage High Power, the .250-3000 Savage, the .25-06 (25 Newton Special), .256 Newton, .30 Newton, .35 Newton and the .40 Newton. While he was not the first developer to produce high velocity cartridges he is one of the pioneers and he did influence Weatherby and others in their cartridge development. Of all the calibers he developed only the .22 Savage High Power is still in production today.

He started Newton Firearms Company in 1914 and promoted the benefits of high velocity calibers. Head dimensions of his case design are unique and larger than the .30-06 Springfield. This was done in order to gain case capacity. All of his designs are rimless necks without a belt. Although he never designated his caliber magnums, they would probably be so today. Unfortunately, financial troubles sealed the fate of his company. The .40 Newton never entered full production and they are quite rare today.

The .40 Newton is able to propel a 0.405 dia., 301 grain bullet at 3,040 fps. with 6,180 ft.-lbs. of energy. The caliber is capable of hunting large game, including the big 5 in Africa.

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