.40-82 Winchester Center Fire

Monday, February 17th, 2020

.40-82  W.C.F. (Winchester Center Fire)

Winchester wanted to develop a new repeating rifle with an action strong enough to be chambered in the .45-70 Government round that had been adapted by the U.S. Military. John and Matthew Browning had been working on a design and on October 14th, 1884 they received  U.S. Patent 306,577 and assigned it to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. As part of the agreement for the manufacturing rights, Winchester agreed that part of the payment would be in rifles, and that explains why some of the barrels are marked “Browning Bros. Ogden, Utah”.

When Winchester announce the Model 1886 it was made available in .45-70 Government, .45-90-300 and the .40-82-260. The .40-82 is capable of propelling a .406” dia. 260 grain bullet at 1,475 fps with 1,256 ft.-lbs. of energy. The Model 1886 was manufactured in the following calibers:

.45-70 Government

.45-90 W.C.F.

.40-82 W.C.F.

.40-65 W.C.F., June 1887

.38-56 W.C.F. June 1887

.50-110 W.C.F. November 1887

.40-70 W.C.F. April 1894

.38-70 W.C.F. April 1894

.50-100-450 August 1895

.33 W.C.F. March 1903

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