.375 SuperMag

Friday, September 6th, 2019

.375 SuperMag

In the 1970’s Elgin T Gates designed a new series of Magnum cartridges named “SuperMags”. The SuperMags are 1.610” longer than traditional magnum cartridges and he developed them in .357, .375, .44, .45, .50 and .60 calibers. He developed the SuperMags to out perform all magnum revolver cartridges at that time. Dan Wesson Arms, with the assistance of Elgin, manufacture SuperMag revolvers in .357, .375, .414 and .445 calibers. Ruger and Thompson/Center manufactured SuperMag calibers too.

The .375 SuperMag is capable of propelling a .375” dia. 220 gr. bullet at 1,250 fps. with 763 ft.-lbs. of energy.

Roberson Cartridge Company is a custom manufacture of Vintage, Obsolete, Hard to Find and Wildcat calibers.

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