.350 Rigby Magnum

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

The .350 Rigby Magnum was introduced in 1908 as the successor to the popular 400/350 Nitro Express. Rigby developed this rimless caliber for use in the Mauser magnum length action. No other maker, at that time, offered this combination in a magnum-length bolt action rifle and Rigby’s name became synonymous for the best in Mauser-actioned big game rifles.

During this period of time, high velocities by Mauser Geweher (153 grain spitzer at 2880 fps) and the 1903 Springfield (30-03, 150 grain at 2700 fps) spurred Rigby to develop the .350 caliber. The .350 can propel a .358 dia., 225 grain bullet at 2,625 fps with 3,440 ft.-lbs. of energy. Big game hunters began using this caliber on elephant, rhino and buffalo, although it was never advertised or recommended for such heavy game. Rigby’s .350 Magnum became the most widely used medium bore caliber throughout Africa and is still used today on Safari.

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