.32 Long Colt

Friday, August 17th, 2018

The introduction of the British .320 Revolver cartridge in 1870 spurred the development of the .32 caliber pistol. The .32 Long Colt was introduced, by Colt, in their New Line revolvers. The New Line revolvers are a single action pocket revolver and were one of their first rear loading metallic cartridge guns offered by Colt. Smith & Wesson introduced their .32 S&W in 1878 and it still remains a popular caliber today.

Marlin briefly chambered their 1892 in the .32 Short and Long Colt calibers. It proved to be popular in Europe and was not widely chambered by other American gun makers. The .32 Short Colt is interchangeable with the .32 Long Colt. Typical of their time, the .32 caliber cartridges are not interchangeable with other gun manufactures.

The .32 Long Colt is capable of propelling a .314 dia. 80 grain bullet at 745 fps. with 104 ft.-lbs. of energy.

Pictured are two head stamps for the .32 Long Colt. The second head stamp is a custom order we recently made.

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