.32 Ideal

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

.32 Ideal

Introduced in 1903 the .32 Ideal is part of the single shot trend of the early 1900’s. Stevens, Winchester, Remington and many others manufactured single shot rifles for hunting small game and target shooting. Most of the cartridges were designed to hold 40 grains of black powder and shoot flat nose ore round nose bullets, which were the norm. The advantage of these designs are low cost, reduced recoil, and enough energy for hunting small game at close range.

The .32 Ideal was designed to be a cost effective caliber and was said, to stretch a can of powder. This made it a cost effective caliber to shoot. The low muzzle energy of this caliber makes it adequate for hunting small game. It is capable of propelling a .323 in. dia. 150 grain bullet at 1,250 fps with 520 ft.-lbs. of energy. It was popular until the 1920’s and has recently seen a resurgence in single shot shooting sports.

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