.32-30 Remington-Hepburn

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018


This caliber was announced in 1880 for use in the Remington-Hepburn No. 3 single shot target rifle. The first know ammunition was manufactured in 1884 and no reason can be found for the time delay. Remington hoped this would be a long range hunting and target shooting rifle, but it never reached their expectations. During this same period of time the popularity of lever action guns had increase and the .32-30 cartridge was too long to fit in them. Interest in this caliber soon diminished and Remington stopped production of this caliber in 1912.

This cartridge is an unusual design as it is similar to that of the German Sauer cartridges of this time period. It is a necked cartridge; however, the neck is shallow and elongated which makes it difficult to determine where it begins and where it ends. The .32-30 Remington-Hepburn is capable of propelling a .312 dia., 125 grain bullet at 1,380 fps. with 535 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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