.310 Cadet (.310 Greener)

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

.310 Cadet (.310 Greener)

W.W. Greener designed the .310 Cadet (.310 Greener) as a single shot rifle using Martini actions. These rifles were designed as a military trainer and as a target rifle. The Australian government purchased many of these rifles as they were an accurate rifle, with low cost ammunitions, limited power and proved to be an excellent trainer.

During WW II the .310 Cadet was called back into service by the Australians. There were not enough SMLE’s to equip the home guard and the .310 Cadets were issued with FMJ bullets. In the 1950’s many of these rifles were release as surplus military equipment and made there was to the United States.

Many of these rifles were rechambered to .32 Winchester Special, .357 Magnum .22 Hornet and many other calibers. The .310 Cadet is capable of propelling a .311” dia. 125 grain bullet at 1,200 fps with 400 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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