.280 Ross

Friday, November 9th, 2018

.280 Ross

Introduced in 1906, the .280 Ross was designed by F.W. Jones for Sir Charles Ross and the 9th Baronet. Originally designed as a replacement for the .303 British, the Canadian army was testing the .280 Ross when World War I began. The high velocity small bore cartridge was very successful in Canada and found acceptance as a hunting caliber.

At the time of development many people were amazed with the high velocity and fast expanding Ross bullets and quickly gained a reputation as a one shot one kill cartridge on medium body game. On heavier game the Ross bullets expanded too quickly and did not get enough penetration for clean kills. However, with todays bullet technology the .280 Ross is seeing a resurgence. The .280 Ross is capable of propelling a .287” dia. 140 grain bullet at 2,900 fps. with 2,620 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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