.28-30 Stevens

Friday, August 24th, 2018

28-30 Stevens

It has been said if the Sharps cartridges were for the long-range hunter and competitor, then the Stevens cartridges were for everyman. Sharps did not offer a cartridge smaller than a .40 and Stevens did not offer a cartridge above a .38 caliber. Stevens began developing cartridges in 1875 and the last of the black powder cartridges were introduced as late as 1900, with ammunition being phase out by 1918.

The .28-30-120 Stevens is considered the first 7mm centerfire rifle cartridge. It can propel a .284 dia., 120 grain bullet at 1500 fts with 599 ft.-lbs. of energy. This is an ideal caliber rifle for small to medium size game and is accurate out to 300 yards. The lifespan of this cartridge was cut short by the widespread appeal of smokeless powder. However, this caliber has seen a resurgence with single shot sporting groups and is now available at RCC Brass.

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