.25 Krag

Monday, December 30th, 2019

.25 Krag

The .25 Krag is a rimmed cartridge based off the .30-40 Krag used by the U.S. Military. It’s difficult to know who first developed the .25 Krag wildcat as it is one of the oldest still in existence today. A.O. Niedner is thought to have built the first rifle chambered in the .25 Krag for Dr. F.W. Mann in 1907. In 1909 it was referenced in Mann’s book “The Bullet’s Flight from Powder to Target”. The first .25 Krag rifles were built on single shot actions like the Winchester High Wall and it is known that both Ned Roberts and Col. Townsend Whelen had rifles chamber in this caliber.

The .25 Krag is relatively flat shooting round capable of high velocities. It is more than capable of propelling a .257” dia. 100 grain bullet at 3,460 fps. with 2,659 ft.-lbs. of energy at the muzzle. Although it has been overshadowed by newer .257 caliber rounds it is still capable of performing with them.

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