.25-20 Single Shot

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

.25-20 Single Shot

The .25-20 Single Shot is considered one of the first wildcat cartridges to be produces. In 1882 Remington adapted the cartridge for mass production and Maynard, Stevens and Winchester followed shortly thereafter. J. Francis Rabbeth designed the .25-20 Single Shot and in an article in the January 15, 1922 edition of the Rifleman’s Magazine said he used a breech loader to shoot a 2” ring with 15 shots at 200 yards.

The .25-20 Single Shot is the parent cartridge of Hervey Lovell’s .22-3000 wildcat, Harvey Donaldon’s .22 R-2 and the later .22 Maximum too. The .25-20 Single Shot is too long to fit into the 25-20 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) and is too long to fit into the action of a model 1892 Winchester.

The .25-20 is an accurate calibers and still is used in single shot matches today. It is a good varmint and small game caliber too and is in the same class as the .25-20 WCF. The .25-20 Single Shot is capable of propelling a .257” dia. 86 grain bullet at 1,410 fps. with 380 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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