.240 H&H Magnum

Monday, October 15th, 2018

.240 H&H Magnum

Introduced by Holland & Holland in 1923 the .240 is the smallest of their belted magnums. It is also known as the .240 Apex and the .240 Sugar Express too. The .240 Magnum Flanged is the rimmed version designed for double rifles. This round primarily used for deer, antelope, gazelle and other plains game.

Ballistically, the .240 H&H is similar to the .243 Winchester that was introduced in 1955. All Holland & Holland cartridges are well known for their accuracy, ballistic performance, low recoil and moderate chamber pressure and the .240 is no exception. The belted case head design by H&H has become an icon copied by many other manufactures worldwide. The .240 H&H Magnum is capable of propelling a .245” dia. 100 grain bullet at 2,900 fps with 1,865 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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