.22 Cheetah MK I

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

.22 Cheetah MK I

Jim Carmichel and Fred Huntington developed the .22 Cheetah. Based off the .308 Winchester there are two versions of the .22 Cheetah. The Mark I and the Mark II. The main difference between the MK I and the MK II is the shoulder. The MK I has a 40° shoulder and the MK II has a 28° shoulder.

The .22 Cheetah MK I is capable of propelling a .224” dia. 45 grain bullet at 4,500 fps with 2,024 ft.-lbs. of energy. The problem with a light weight bullet traveling in excess of 4,000 fps became know and they changed the twist rate to 1:16 to keep them held together.

Roberson Cartridge Company is a custom manufacture of Vintage, Obsolete, Hard to Find and Wildcat calibers.

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