11x60Rmm Japanese Murata

Friday, November 8th, 2019

11x60Rmm Japanese Murata

In 1875 2nd lieutenant Tsuneyoshi Murata traveled to France, Germany, Sweden and other European countries to study gunnery and weapon design. Upon his return to Japan he developed the first domestically produced gun in Japan. The Type 13 rifle was designed in 1880, but this was the Meiji period in Japan and 13 was their calendar year.

The Japanese had to develop a reliable industrial infrastructure of manufacturing before they were able to produce weapons. Before producing their own weapons, they relied on the French Chassepot, the British Snider Enfield and the Spencer repeating rifles to equip their military. The Type 13 was a single shot rifle and improvements to the bayonet lug and minor redesign improvements led to the Type 18 in 1885. Further developments with a tubular and box magazine and a reduction in size to 8mm led to the Type 22 rifle, which entered service in 1889. It was the first Japanese rifle to use smokeless powder and was in service until 1918.

The 11x60Rmm Japanese Murata is capable of propelling a .432” in. dia. 420 gr. bullet at 1,485 fps with 2,056 ft.-lbs. of muzzle energy.

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