11x50Rmm Belgian Albini M67/72

Monday, February 17th, 2020

11x50Rmm Belgian Albini M67/72

Italian naval officer Augusto Albini and English gunsmith Francis Braendlin developed the  M67/72 Belgian Albini rifle. The rifle is a breech loading design using a 11x50Rmm centerfire metallic cartridge. The rifle has a front-hinged, forward lifting action with a mechanism that works together with the hammer-striker assembly to simultaneously lock and fire the rifle. The British military evaluated this rifle along with other breech loaders and found it capable of firing 12 rounds in one minute and one second.

The Belgian military began testing this rifle in 1867 to replace their rimfires Comblain No. 1 rifle. There was no clear cut winner, but the Belgians continued to work with Albini and Braendlin to develop the design for their military. It was adapted in 1872 and is capable of propelling a .448” dia. 386 grain bullet at 1.370 fps with 1,609 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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