11.3x52Rmm Beaumont

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

11.3x52Rmm Beaumont

In 1871 the Dutch army adopted the Beaumont turn-bolt single shot rifle in the 11.3x50Rmm cartridge. The carbine version was chambered for the 11.3x46Rmm cartridge. In 1888 the Dutch army converted to a tubular feed magazine repeating system and the 11.3x50Rmm case length was modified by 2mm and the bullet weight was reduced to 345 grains. Thus the 11.3x52Rmm was introduced and served in the Dutch military until 1892.

Both the 11.3x50Rmm and the 11.3x52Rmm Beaumont cartridges are commonly mistaken for the .43 Egyptian and in fact, they are not the same. However, the .43 Egyptian cartridges may be fired in both the Beaumont chambers. The 11.3x50Rmm may also be fired in the Beamonts chambered in the 11.3x52Rmm, but not the reverse. The 11.3x52Rmm cartridge is capable of propelling a .475” dia. 345 grain bullet at 1,475 fps. with 1,666 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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