11.15x60Rmm Mauser

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

11.15x60Rmm Mauser (aka 11mm Mauser)

Mauser began it’s existence as Königliche Waffen Schmieden on July 31, 1811 by Frederick I, Duke of Württemberg. Andreas Mauser was their master gunsmith and Peter Paul Mauser followed in his footsteps. Peter Mauser was a talented developer as he not only designed firearms, but ammunition too. Peter was drafted into the military in 1859 as a gunsmith. He impressed his superiors so much, by the end of 1859 he was placed on inactive service and assigned to at the royal factory in Oberndorf. While there, he was exposed to the Dreyse Needle gun developed by Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse.

The Dreyse Needle gun was developed in 1841 and is a breech loading single shot rifle using a bolt action. The exposure to this bolt action lead to the development of the Mauser bolt action. In 1871 Peter developed the 11.15x60Rmm cartridge for use in the Mauser model 1871 / Gewehr 71. He began development of the rifle in 1867. It was soon adapted by the German military in 1872 and was in service until 1888. The model 1871 was the base design for all future Mauser rifle and cartridge designs.

The 11.15x60Rmm (aka 11mm Mauser) was very popular in Europe and East Africa as a sporting caliber, but never took off in the U.S. do to the popularity of the .45-70. The 11.15x60Rmm is capable of propelling a 0.446 dia., 386 grain bullet at 1,425 fps with 1,740 ft.-lbs. of energy.

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