10.6x25mmR German Ordnance

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

The 10.6x25mmR German Ordnance revolver was designed, by committee, to replace the single shot pistol used at the time. At the time of its development, the American and British militaries consider a hand gun as an offensive weapon, while the Germans didn’t. They sparingly issued handguns to enlisted personnel and officers usually purchase what they wanted. They consider the handgun as a last-ditch weapon.

The development of the 10.6mm was considered antiquated when designed. Smith & Wesson released its Russian model in 1871 and featured a top break frame with auto ejection. While the 10.6 required the cylinder to be removed and cases ejected using a pin extractor. Introduce in 1879, by Reichsrevolver, the 10.6 was in service until the end of World War I. It was replaced by the 9x19mm Parabellum Luger in 1908 and was issued to the home guard in World War II.

This typical large caliber black powder cartridge was capable of propelling a .428 dia., 255 grain bullet at 670 fps. with 256 ft.-lbs. of energy. It has seen a recent resurgence in the black powder shooting community.

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