10.4mm Swiss Ordnance Revolver

Monday, April 5th, 2021

In 1871 the Swiss army began considering new designs to replace their aging percussion pistols. The design submitted by Belgian designers Chamelot and Devligne was accepted over designs submitted by Galand of France and Smith & Wesson. Modification were made to it by Major Rudolf Schmidt and the new pistol was designated the Ordonanzrevolver Modell 1872.

In 1878 a redesign occurred, and the Modell 1872 was converted from rimfire to centerfire and the new model was designated Modell 1872/78. It is estimated the Swiss manufacture 6,000 of the Modell 1878 before it was replaced in 1882.

The 10.4mm Swiss ordnance revolver is capable of propelling a .425” dia. 193 grain bullet at 610 fps with 159 ft. lbs. of energy

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